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Make 2018 grand with Steve Grand’s “limited edition” Calendars

Last summer during his residency in Provincetown, recording artist Steve Grand was doing more than just performing.  He was working it on the beach in front of the camera posing for his two 2018 limited edition calendars now available on his website.  (Both of his 2017 calendars sold out!)

According to the site,

“Yes there are 2 Calendars, each with a unique set of photos!  For both 2018 calendars, First Edition, and Second Edition, there are 13 full resolution, full color photo prints that make up these limited edition, spiral bound 8.5″ x 11″ 2018 monthly calendars.  Each calendar will have a unique number.

Photos from both calendars were taken by the very talented Zack Zerbe this past summer while I was living and performing in Ptown.”

All calendars can be autographed/personalized!  We can only hope 2018 is as much fun as Steve seems to have had on the beach!

Order Steve Grand 2018 calendars HERE

With the holidays upon us, check out all of the merchandise available.

Want to wake up and press your lips against Steve’s handsome face every morning?

Your wish is “Grand”ed!

Want to fondle Steve’s sack?

Now you can!

Shop HERE!

Become part of the #GrandFam and follow Steve on Twitter @SteveGrandMusic on Facebook Instagram and visit his website!

(all images courtesy of Steve Grand website)

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