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Simon Dunn’s “Full Frontal” photo causes Internet Uproar

As any loyal reader of theOUTfront knows, our post about Simon Dunn’s DNA photo shoot “Winter Isn’t Coming” has been trending since the day it went up.  And for good reason!

The Australian rugger turned bobsledder is one helluva hot, handsome eye-full!

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According to,

“The 29-year-old revealed the news on Twitter, saying an uncensored photo of him had been shared without his permission.

The sportsman told his followers: “Unfortunately pics of me have ended up online.

“This is obviously not one of my best moments, for that I’m sorry.”

The image shows him standing with a camera in his hand, taking a photo of himself in the mirror while wearing no clothes.  His penis fully visible in the explicit image.

A cropped version of the image originally appeared on Instagram and had to be removed after Instagram claimed it broke their community guidelines.”

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The double standard on Instagram is the number of followers someone has and the backlash they could cause.  What’s more, everything Simon Dunn has to show is real, while Kim “Kar-trash-ian” has admitted her tits and ass are the best money can buy.

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