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Hump Day Hero, Badass Squirrel

We’ve had Mighty Mouse “to save the day;” “no need to fear because Under Dog was there,” but they’ve got nothin’ on this Badass Squirrel! 

Meet America’s newest superhero and adorable internet sensation who has gone viral.  Badass, or possibly, Bada$$ (he may be from da’Hood, no one has been able to catch up with him to get an interview yet) could not have come at a better time to battle the forces of evil in America. Or, at the very least give us a pleasant diversion and much needed laugh right now.

According to The Huffington Post

“Reddit user FlamingoShame posted a photo of the rodent online Monday, and other Redditors tweaked the image to hilariously reimagine the plucky critter as an action movie hero, a cage fighter, a track star and more.”

Here are a couple of our favorite posts so far

And as often does, good guys frequently can go bad… (But why do they always have to take it out on my hometown?)

Full story and more hilarious photos via The Huffington Post

And of course we couldn’t resist getting in on the fun ourselves!


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