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Health Care Heroes Fighting Covid-19 also Fighting Reopen Protest Covidiots: Comedy Central VIDEO

As of today, all fifty states have begun reopening in some form despite only fourteen states having met minimum White House guidelines, and at least a dozen states where cases of covid-19 are still increasing.  With 30M people unemployed, lines at food banks stretching for miles, and small businesses on the verge of bankruptcy, the economic uncertainty is harrowing and understandable.

For weeks, protests have erupted across the country demanding America be reopened; the basic message being America needs to work and chooses “freedom over fear.”  But images from the protests tell a different story entirely.  The “reopen protests” show symbols of hate like the confederate flag, nooses, and swastikas as well as hate speech.

Who’s the Nazi now? (Photo from a protest in Illinois last month)


How’d you like to be her co-worker? (photo from a protest last weekend)



The protesters are clearly and proudly Trump supporters who like their leader, don’t believe in facts, reason or science and have an intense disdain for journalists.  Reopen Protests are less about working and feeding their families and more about proving their loyalty to their lord and savior, Donald Trump.  If they did care about their families, they’d at least wear face masks or their Klan hood.


Last weekend in New York, epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in America, protesters (without masks or social distancing) all but physically attacked a local reporter who came with the purpose of telling their side of the story.  From The Randy Report

“Trump Praises Protesters Anti-Media Behavior “Great People!” 


There isn’t much coverage of people counter protesting covidiots. The reason is smart people care about their health, the health of their family and friends, and the health care workers. It can’t be said enough; they are the heroes who have been, are, and will have to continue caring for the sick and dying of this pandemic.  Who, as it turns out, have been many of the heroes fighting the protesters as well!

(Video still via Comedy Central)

Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show spoke with two health care workers on the frontlines of the fight in more way than one.



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