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Groundbreaking, Deaf, Gay, dramedy “This Close” Announces Season 2 Premiere Date: TRAILER

Sometimes people who never speak a word, tell us the most about who we are and the lives we live.  Such is the case with SundanceTV’s critically acclaimed “dramedy,” “This Close” returning for its second season, September 12th.

By any measure, “This Close” is thoroughly unique and original from start to finish. It’s  created and written by Deaf artists, Joshua Feldman, and Shoshannah Stern; it focuses on the lives of Deaf best friends, Michael and Kate (played by Feldman and Stern); Michael is the the first openly gay Deaf character; and finally but by no means least, it’s a series almost entirely in American Sign Language.

But most striking about the series is the quality of the storytelling.  “This Close” stands head and shoulder above the majority of shows, especially network shows being rebooted today.  It’s authentic, raw, and hilariously heartbreaking.  Michael’s busted relationships and sex life are certain to hit way too close to home for any gay man.

(video still)

The show boasts a high-profile supporting cast including Academy Award winner, Marlee Matlin, comedian and CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) Moshe Kasher, and man of many talents and trophies, Nyle DiMarco.

Get caught up on Season 1 at SundanceTV HERE 

After a Season 1 cliffhanger to rival all cliffhangers, audiences have been eagerly awaiting Season 2 and details have just been announced.  From the SundanceTV website.

“In season 2, Kate and Michael are determined to reboot their friendship. But what’s that they say about best laid plans? With the return of old flames and distant parents, Kate and Michael are going to have to lean on each other or fall apart.”

Creator, Shoshannah Stern tweeted out the Season 2 Trailer:

(video still)

We hate it when that happens too, Nyle we really do!

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