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Gay Dads Have A Heartfelt Message For President Trump #RememberOurFamilies

This story really moved us here at the OUT Front, because we need to take a step back and realize just how much is at stake here. The LGBT community fought hard for each and every civil right we now have and we can’t let this dictator-in-chief take it all away.

The Huffington Post writes, “As a community of gay parents, we have many concerns and fears at the beginning of the Trump presidency.

Some of us raced to secure legal protections for our families before the new administration even began. We wonder if our plans to foster or adopt will be blocked by an anti-LGBT cabinet. Our families are also immigrants, Muslim and Mexican, and we fear what’s in store for us as a result of mean-spirited Executive Orders targeting these communities.

So while Gays With Kids will continue to monitor and report on the policies to come out of the White House, we will prioritize doing what we do best: telling our stories and sharing invaluable information to help gay men become dads and navigate fatherhood. Because one of the most radical forms of protest for LGBTQ people has always been, and will continue to be, simply living our lives proudly and out in the open.

dd your own #LGBT family to this campaign by commenting below with your favorite family photo and family name, or upload your favorite family photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the #RememberOurFamilies hashtag.”

All of us at the OUT Front love this idea and social media campaign. We hope you will join us in sharing your stories!

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