“Fire Island COVID Destroyers,” Our Community Promoting COVID-19 Social Responsibility to Its Own

The biggest explosion from last Fourth of July weekend wasn’t created by the fireworks at night; they were from the fireworks that blew up social media for days.  When videos of huge crowds of gay men partying on Fire Island without masks or social distancing, some actually posted by them, the outrage was loud and instantaneous.  Adding fuel to the firestorm, the following day “video confessions” were posted by a few gay covidiots expressing their outrage at the fierce backlash  One of them, unashamedly admitted to being sick and still symptomatic, didn’t care and went to party in the Pines.

Randy Slovacek covered all of the incomprehensible behavior and reaction in this post from The Randy Report. 

“Gays Gone Wild? Fire Island Social Media Posts Go Viral”  

(image via The Randy Report)

In the week that’s followed, reaction and action has been fast and furious on the summer gay Mecca.  The property owners’ association not only revised their rules but also came back with enforcement from the county and state.  In a statement,

“The numerous parties that occurred yesterday and were posted on social media drew the attention of Governor Cuomo. The Governor’s office was in touch with Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone to enforce the Governor’s Executive Order forbidding the congregation of large groups and requiring masks or facial coverings in public.”

The Fire Island Pines Commercial District went so far as to ban the self-identified. infected covidiot from its establishments.


Today comes “an initiative to keep our community safe, informed and following rules, with kindness” and you can be part of it.

From their fundraising site.

GMHC, Daniel Nardicio and the Dworld crew are joining forces with Taylor Shubert to put together the THE FIRE ISLAND COVID DESTROYERS — using donated funds to employ NYC and Fire Island drag queens and go-go dancers to promote healthy behaviors on Fire Island to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Starting [today] THE COVID DESTROYERS will greet people at the Fire Island Pines Harbor with hand sanitizer and masks, infiltrate beach parties to encourage social distancing, and educate and remind island visitors about how to protect themselves and others while still having fun.

‘Fire Island was an epicenter of the HIV/AIDS crisis, and we learned then that we must take care of our own. We’ve (The Covid Destroyers) decided a positive, helpful approach will do much more than a ‘tag em and drag em approach’ and we can hire out of work nightlife performers while doing it,’ says Daniel Nardicio Fire Island resident, Club Cumming co-owner and nightlife promoter.

Governor Cuomo’s office will be supplying masks and hand sanitizer to be distributed throughout Cherry Grove and the Pines. ‘We are thrilled to be teaming up with the Governor to promote safety measures’ says Taylor Shubert, a member of the Dworld staff. ‘These queens will show you that being safe is sexy!’”

In only two days, they’re already a third of the way to their fundraising goal.  Money which to promote education, compassion and “behaviors that can prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep people healthy and safe.” while employing members of our Community at the same time.

Support the  “Fire Island Covid Destroyers” GoFundMe HERE 


For anyone who hasn’t already seen it before or still believes COVID-19 is “harmless,” here again are Before /After photos and the story of a healthy gay man who spent six weeks in the hospital fighting for his life via Buzzfeed.

“A Man Shared A Shocking Photo Of What COVID-19 Did To Him After Six Weeks In A Hospital”  

(Mike Schultz, before and after via BuzzFeed)



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