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WATCH: John Oliver takes Aim at “Stand Your Ground” Laws increasing Gun Violence with Racial Disparity

Last week, late night host, Samantha Bee tackled the recent tidal wave of gun violence and the demand for action with the plea, “Do One F@%king Thing About Guns!” as we reported in this post.

“Let’s “Do One F@%king Thing About Guns” While We Can: VIDEOS”


Keeping the conversation going this week is Last Week Tonight host John Oliver with his look at “Stand Your Ground” Laws.  Most of us once knew them as basic “self-defense” laws but since have seen them grow out of control like a deranged scientist’s laboratory experiment gone horrifically wrong.

What we didn’t know, but probably could have and should have guessed is the conservative created law on the loose is doing more damage than good and has a particular appetite for people of color.


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