Fabulous Update: Smirnoff’s fight against LGBT cyber-abuse


Last month theOUTfront posted about Smirnoff launching their campaign taking on homophobes and cyber bullies.  Their goal was to find ignorant and hateful anti-LGBT posts and reply to them with creative and beautiful messages of love.  Read our original post below.

“Smirnoff combats LGBT cyber-abuse with #ChooseLove Campaign”

We are happy to update readers that Smirnoff’s  #ChooseLove campaign is now in full on Fabulous Mode!  According to PINKNews.com,

“But while the trolls sit at their keyboards pouring out hate, some activists have been taking them on with art. As part of a special project ahead of Pride in London, Smirnoff (the vodka people) commissioned artists to turn hateful tweets into loving artwork.

Alison Camps, Co-chair for Pride in London commented: “We are pleased that Smirnoff is taking the issue of LGBT+ hate directed towards the community via social media so seriously, it is something that Pride in London is also extremely concerned about.”

These are just a few of the fabulous designs by artists in response to anti-LGBT internet trolls via Smirnoff and PinkNews.com

Read the full article and see more of Smirnoff’s Brilliant cyber replies of love and acceptance via PINKNews.com HERE

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