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Smirnoff combats LGBT cyber-abuse with #ChooseLove Campaign

We’ll drink to that!

It’s a startling statistic, but 1 in 3 LGBT people have experienced homophobic or transphobic bullying and abuse on social media.  To mark LGBT Pride Month, Smirnoff Brands is launching an initiative that will not so much fight back against homophobic trolling but love back with their cyber-response campaign.  According to PINKNews.com

“Offensive tweets will be highlighted by a “task-force of artists”, the firm says, who will respond to the hateful messages with colourful drawings themed around love.

“We are proud to have stood shoulder to shoulder with the LGBT+ community for over 20 years,” said Chris Laidlaw, head of Smirnoff Europe.

“We feel that it is our responsibility to help encourage diversity, equality and inclusivity in society.”

Read the full article via PINKNews.com


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