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Donald J. Trump, A Fool for All Seasons

By Lawrence Pfeil, Jr

The only thing that could possibly make suffering through a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic any worse is Donald Trump being President of the United States.

It’s kinda like…

The only thing worse than having to wait in the endless lines at the DMV is the “Becky” two people ahead of you bitching, out loud, nonstop about having to wait in the endless lines at the DMV.

It’s hard to imagine any kind of crisis mismatched with a person more unprepared and ill-equipped (pardon than pun) to manage it, than a rapidly expanding medical emergency with dimwitted, narcissist who can’t grasp the scientific facts on a Snapple cap.


I’m beginning to think God went on a tequila bender and is settling scores with us for fucking up the Earth. #OldTestament  I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Earth is actually getting better and cleaner during the coronavirus lockdown.

Dolphins  returning to the canals of Venice #UnintendedConsequences

“Earth is Healing During Covid-19 Outbreak”

But couldn’t God have at least waited until 2021 when we’ll have a competent, compassionate, Commander-in-Chief again?  Adding Trump to America’s coronavirus crisis is a plague on top of a plague.  He didn’t even pull that shit on Egypt to free the Israelites.  (And I thought I got vindictive drinking tequila)

Donald Trump is an adulterous um… unadulterated jackass but not in the inanely entertaining, stupid stun sort of way.  His gross incompetence and utter negligence for truth and facts is dangerous in a way that will cost countless lives needlessly before this over.  What’s worse, Republican governors in states like Florida and Georgia are following Trumpism propaganda and not the facts and reality of coronavirus in states like New York and Washington.

 Who’s more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him? – Obi Wan Kenobi

Recently Trump said he wanted America open again by Easter and  a mandatory quarantine in the tri-state area around the New York City.  Both of these incomprehensible “edicts” have since been “walked back” but nevertheless defended by his sycophants as “just ideas floated by the President.”  I think we can agree any idea float by Trump should be called a Hindenburg.  (And it’s not because they’re both from the mind of a Nazi.)


Trump is gonna be Trump; that’s the problem (at least til January 2021).  He’s going to blame anyone (He just started blaming New York for its “slow response” #AintThatSomeShit) and everyone, like China for the coronavirus itself. #racistinchief

(I’ve used that brilliant tweet more times than my fleshlight during self-isolation which is saying a lot)

Bottom line (the only thing Trump cares about besides his ratings) like his impeachment, Donald Trump owns his inept coronavirus response and its fatal repercussions in perpetuity.  (I threw that word in so he’ll have to ask Kellyanne what it means …and to make her look it up)


Trump can and will lay blame and make excuses.  Here’s the thing, “excuses are like asshole; everybody’s got one and nobody wants to hear from it.”  But you do have to give Trump credit when it comes to his handling of the coronavirus, as Hillary pointed out,

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