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Celebrating the Stonewall Riots Anniversary

“We are the Stonewall girls

We wear our hair in curls

We wear no underwear

We show our pubic hair…

We wear our dungarees

Above our nelly knees!”

           (Drag Queen kick line chant used to taught Police during the Stonewall Riots)

In the wee hours of June 28, 1969…

A routine police raid of a mafia operated gay hangout and the usual harassment of its gay, lesbian, transgender and drag patrons into a Community of resistance and fighting together for their equality and civil rights.

And we’ve never looked back!

The morning of June 28th when a growing crowd of protesters forced the abusive NYPD to barricade themselves inside Stonewall for their protection is the most under reported historic revolution in modern American history.  Yet there is no film or photos by major media outlets of that night because a “fag riot” wasn’t considered a “news worthy” event.  The only “notice” was in the New York Post.

(photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

As a dozen protesters we arrested and carted off to jail, the crowds of hundreds chanted,


Little did they know that the gay denizens of Greenwich Village who had found a home at Stonewall would be back three more times over the next five nights.   They had tasted what was possible, seen what they could achieve together and we’re willing to do what had to be done.

Marsha P Johnson, Stonewall Veteran

Everything the LGBT Community is in the world today; every civil right; every protection won; every business, legally recognized same sex marriage and/or adoption, publication, blog, etc., can all trace their root back to that one sweltering night in June on Christopher Street in New York City when our foremothers and forefathers said, “Enough!”


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