At 82, Larry Kramer, still has plenty of “Act Up” in his Activism


Never known for mincing words or sugar coating the truth, Larry Kramer is living up to his reputation at two recent public appearances in Florida and New York City.  Frankly, we’d be disappointed if he did.  So would the sold out crowds in attendance at the World AIDS Museum and Education Center marking ACTUP’s 30th Anniversary last month.

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“During his recent visit to Florida, and on the eve of ACT UP’s 30th anniversary, Kramer paid tribute to the landmark that was established in Wilton Manors in 2011. In the course of several events, he signed copies of Volume 1 of his magnum opus, The American People, was interviewed by Vanity Fair’s Kevin Sessums, author of Mississippi Sissy, and showcased by the Gay Men’s Chorus. Holding up ACT UP’s new t-shirt that reads: “I Can’t Believe I Still Have to Protest This Fucking Shit”, he reminded us that “We have to be seen and shove it in their fucking faces!”

Kramer’s second high profile appearance in a month was at Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) 35th Anniversary Gala, which he help found during the early days of the AIDS crisis but was forced out of by its Board.  Time does heal all wounds and the two now have a close relationship.  Again from the,

“Concluding the evening was the Larry Kramer of legend—of hope and courage in the face of crisis. He had written an open letter to President Bill Clinton that he had planned to read before the gathering, which was to have included Clinton. Kramer called on Clinton and former Presidents Carter and Obama to join any other past presidents willing to take a much stronger public stand in new efforts to “GET THAT MONSTER OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!” This was vintage Kramer, asking more than what might seem reasonable from people who are otherwise friends and allies in circumstances that might seem questionable. Putting people on the spot. Making demands. Denouncing enemies in the strongest terms. Demanding activism from all of us, NOW!”

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(main photo credit: David France (left) and Larry Kramer (right) at GMHC’s 35th Anniversary Gala. Courtesy of HuffingtonPost,com)

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