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Adorable Teacher Pranks his Entire 4th Grade Class

As regular readers of theOUTfront know, I can’t spell for shit.  Naturally I went into writing and love literary in devours like crossword puzzles and blogging.  (Don’t tell me God doesn’t have a wicked sense of humor.)  Many teachers tried their best to help this spelling impaired child but only succeeded in driving us both to the brink of utter madness.

If I had Mr. Dombrowski as my fourth grade teacher, one thing is for sure. I may not have learned to spell any better, especially after the epic April Fools prank he pulled on his class, but I’d have been happy crushing on him!  According to CBS NEWS,

“Fourth-grade teacher Joe Dombrowski pulled off his April Fool’s Day prank a few days early this year, and the internet can’t get enough of it.

Students at Royal Oak Elementary School in Michigan groaned as Dombrowski announced a pop “spelling test” Wednesday afternoon… Silently, the kids got to work, most likely scratching their heads as they heard each word, because the words Dombrowski asked them to spell weren’t really words at all. 

Every word was completely made up. And the majority had “silent letters.” But the kids didn’t know that.

“All right, going through the list with the spelling, you’re checking your own lists, here we go,” said Dombrowski as he sat in front of the class.

The first word: “blorskee.” “As in, ‘I lost my blorskee at a carnival,’” he said.

He even included a vocabulary selection from “RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 5.”

“Ro-laska-tox. Ro-laska-tox were surprised when Jinkx took the crown. If you didn’t get the hyphens, I’m sorry, you did not get the word.”

Read the full CBSNews Story here

Or watch Mr Dombrowski’s hilarious spelling test and April Fools reveal below!


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