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ABC News’ James Longman and the Climate Change Crisis, shouting literally from a Mountain Top

Stradling France, Switzerland, and Italy, western Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc a once scenic tourist destination is now a deathtrap waiting to happen. Fissures in the mountain’s glacier on the Italian slope could cause 66 million gallons of ice to break away at any moment which has prompted the evacuation of thousands of people in the danger zone below.


Such a catastrophe used to be called a natural disaster, but the fact is it’s not “natural.” It’s due to manmade climate change causing Mont Blanc’s glacier to melt ten times faster than predicted.  ABCNews’ James Longman went to the top of the mountain to get to the bottom of how climate change is starting to hit close home.


In his report, Longman mentions having recently been to Antarctica. Here is his eye-opening report on the devastating effects manmade climate change is having on the continent and its ecosystems.

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