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ABC News hunk, James Longman and stud buddy in “Say My Name” VIDEO

As we’re freezing our bits n pieces off with most of the country, theOUTfront has been trying a little mind of matter by dreaming of warner places with hot men.  Sometimes, dreams really do come true and we wanted to share!

(video still)

Readers may recall from a previous post, one of our favorite man candy finds of 2017 was the dashing and out ABC News Foreign Correspondent, James Longman.  If you’re not familiar with him catch up now!

“Meet Gay, ABC NEWS Hunk, James Longman”

In addition to speaking multiple languages and an expert on the Middle East, James Longman has a fierce sense of humor and is pretty handy with making/editing videos too.

While on vacation in Thailand with a stud buddy (Dear God, who is he???),

(video still)

they created this Destiny’s Child lip-sync video to “Say My Name” on the beach which is so hot you’ll forget how cold it is wherever you are!


Follow James Longman on Twitter @JamesAALongman and on Instagram

And visit his website HERE!

(video still)

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