NASA Scientist gets Outsmarted by Squirrels and it’s HILARIOUS: VIDEO

As NASA returns astronauts to space from American soil for the first time in nine years, we take note of another NASA rocket scientist’s challenge in his own backyard.  You may remember former NASA engineer, Mark Robers from his viral video booby trapping Glitter Bombs to stop porch pirates a couple of years ago.

“Fierce Glitter Bomb justice served on Porch Pirates: VIRAL VIDEO”


Turns out you can’t keep a Mad Scientist/Evil Genius down even during a pandemic quarantine especially when a gang of squirrels are robing his bird feeders blind.  Now you wouldn’t think outsmarting these adorable rodents, aka Rick, Marty, Frank, and Phat Gus would be rocket science.

(video still)

But you’d be wrong.

What’s more, absolutely hilarity ensues when Mark puts his engineering skills to good use and with all the extra time on his hands builds an “American Ninja Squirrel” obstacle course.  It’s nuts!


Follow all of Mark Rober’s brilliant (He is a NASA engineer afterall!) antics on his YouTube Channel HERE 


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