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25 Teenage Male Sex Assault Victims called “Rats and Snitches” as town stands by Accused

Held down by four football players and anally penetrated with the threaded end of CO2 tanks, Coke bottles, baseball bats, and steel pipes while another player kept lookout.

That is the violent description of sexual assaults on dozens of male teenagers in the small town of La Vernia, Texas, outside of San Antonio.  The only thing more horrifying is that many of the town’s 1000 residents, including its priest, are siding with the ten accused rapists under arrested, and not the victims.  According to the,

“Police on Monday announced the additional arrests of senior football players Robert Olivarez Jr., 17, Alejandro Ibarra, 17, and 18-year-old Dustin Norman… The lead investigator told the La Vernia News that this abuse has gone back at least three and a half years. The verdict is yet to be announced at this point. Whilst emotions in cases like this are always going to be high, we need to remember that justice must be served in a fair and unbiased courtroom. This country was founded upon these principles and it is part of the reason why criminal defense lawyers are so critical to a legal system that serves citizens in a just manner.

 “A lot of people are saying they feel bad for [the accused], that they didn’t do anything too extreme.”

“…Father Stan Fiuk of St. Ann’s Catholic Church, called for mercy and forgiveness for the accused: These children need mercy and we have to learn to be merciful because they are victims of the sick society.”

photo credit: FOX SAN ANTONIO


These people need to have baseball bat rammed up their ass and then decide what’s “too extreme” or not.  Leave it to a Catholic priest not to know right from wrong when it comes to “children,” especially when the assailants were not children.

These rape victims were children, but everyone seems to have forgotten about them, about their pain and trauma.

Where are the calls for justice?  Where is the support and compassion for them?  This wasn’t a one-off incident (which would be bad enough) but a systemic, on going, violent rape of teenage boys over three and half years.  But this is not isolated to Texas, it happens all across the country, all the time.

When are we going to start teaching boys to be a man means keeping your hands to yourself?

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