100 Days of Trump: Proof You Can’t Fix Stupid

96% of Electorate who voted Trump would do it AGAIN

Here we are, 100 days into a Hell even Dante didn’t imagine. For those keeping track, we’re only 6.8% of the way through this Tang tinged shit storm. So what is the inflamed orangutan scrotum doing to mark his milestone in office?  He’s holding a re-election campaign rally tonight touting his tremendous accomplishments.

We were trying to figure out WTF those exactly might be.

  • He did get Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court (but Republicans had to change the rules to do it.)
  • He shelled Iraq, I mean Syria for killing children with chemical weapons because killing them with barrel bombs and artillery is okaly dokaly.
  • He dropped the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan to clear a valley and save the lives of servicemen, two of whom died there this week because it didn’t work.
  • But he did sign 30 Executive Orders repealing protections for workers, the environment, Muslims, undocumented immigrants, and transgender students.

(Instead of protecting and defending the most vulnerable, Trump sure loves to bully and attack them doesn’t he?  What a sick fucking bastard.)

What’s even more unfathomable is that gay republicans (which is incomprehensible itself) are giving him a stellar grade on his first 100 days too!  Our friends over at Back2Stonewall.com posted this,

“Log Cabin Republican HomoCONS Grade Trumps First 100 Days With An A-“

If your head hasn’t exploded yet, here’s another post,

“51 GOP House Members Send Trump A Letter Demanding Legalization Of LGBT Discrimination”

Both are written by Will Kohler and theOUTfront wants to give a big shout OUT to his great work!

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