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White House Claims It Has ‘No Plans at This Time’ to Sign ‘Religious Freedom’ Anti-LGBT Bill

There had been a lot of reports in the gay media this morning that Trump was going to announce an anti-LGBT discrimination bill in the name of “religious freedom” at this mornings prayer breakfast, but luckily that did not take place. Towleroad reports,

The White House does not dispute the existence of a “religious freedom” executive order that was leaked and published by The Nation last night, but tells ABC News that it has no plans to sign it at this time:

White House officials told ABC News that the draft appears to be among the hundreds of executive orders that are circulating –- drafted by either the Trump transition team, the White House policy team or even by outside groups –- and that not all reflect administration thinking or likely policy. One official did not say who drafted this potential order, but did not dispute its authenticity.

“We do not have plans to sign anything at this time but will let you know when we have any updates,” said Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a White House spokesperson.

Please understand that although this proposal did not get announced today, it is still a very valid concern. We are months, if not days, away from sweeping LGBT discrimination.

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