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WATCH: “The Village People” take over SNL Weekend Update with a Warning for POTUS and his Little Dog too!

If you thought The Lincoln Project coming for Ivanka and Jared yesterday with their new Times Square billboards, and the “Stepford Grifters” threatening to sue them was the best thing to play in New York since Broadway went dark in March, wait til you see Act II.

National Treasure and a crown jewel of gay writers, Paul Rudnick tweeted his always brilliant, on point and hilarious perspective on the situation.  (FYI… Following Paul Rudnick on Twitter is one of the few things that has help us survive Trumpism.)


Last night on SNL’s Weekend Update, “The Village People” served notice to POTUS for using their music at his rallies without their permission or consent, let alone payment (which is totally on brand for the Cheater-in-Chief).

Their disco message to Donnie and his little dog Ivanka was fierce AF!



Not for nothing, but it always blows our mind that the “Trump/Pence” campaign would use the music of “The Village People” in the first place; and when there was a controversy with the recording artist earlier this year, the MAGA crowd screamed about their right to have “Macho Man” and “YMCA” played at rallies.

I guess this one can either be filed under “How stupid are they?” (which has its own cabinet now) or “Hypocrisy” (which has its own floor).

Everything about the Evangelical Trump Cult is anti-gay; and, with the exception of a couple of members, everything about “The Village People” is uber Gay AF.  The name refers to a Gay Mecca; the men in the group are all “gay archetypes” #TeamConstructionWork (naturally I fell for a str8 one); and the songs were disco driven, homoerotic, anthems.

The video for “Macho Man” is so damn gay, if Mike Pence saw it, he run out of Lindsey Graham’s “Man Cave” and home to Mother faster than you can say, “Got Lube?”




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