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WATCH: The Late Show and Tonight Show sing Bob Mueller Christmas Carols

What would the holidays be without Christmas music setting the season of peace on Earth goodwill towards men?

(But come around December 10th I’m ready to slap the shit up outta them raggedy ass bell ringers on every damn street corner. I’ll tell you that!)

Some people enjoy traditional Christmas carols heralding the birth of their savior. Others enjoy modern songs about a bullied reindeer with a birth defect who becomes Mr. Popularity when it suddenly becomes useful to them; an alcoholic Grandmother killed in a hit and run; or the Latin sensation, “Fleas Never Die!”

(Personally, I’ve always been partially to ‘A Little Drummer Boy” in leather chaps.)

But the trend for Christmas 2017 seems to be the “Political Carol ft. Bob Mueller.”  Here are two selections from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”


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