The NFL (National Fabulous League) presents Super Sunday!

The NFL (National Fabulous League) presents Super Bowl Sunday!

Grab you’re jerseys and jockstraps men, it’s America’s “holiest” day of the year!

Unfortunately, theOUTfront was denied press credentials for Houston’s NRG Stadium (no idea why, cuz there’s only two things that come out of Texas, steers and… mmm hmm!).  As such, we are unable to go inside the Falcons’ and Pats’ locker rooms. We had hoped to bring you the up close and personal photos  you deserve.  We wanted you to see “buff” player photos like Marcus’ cannon, Ben’s garland, Justin’s hardy, Rob’s “gronk,” and Julian’s edelman.  But since we can’t, we say…


Instead, we gayly (that’s the LGBT for “bigly”) bring you this fabulous football flashback, “Men on Football.”

Check back later today for the new, hilarious “men only” commercial you definitely will not see during the Super Bowl!

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