SNL Sums Up 2021 in Cold Opening “What Still Works?” VIDEO

For more than four years, the orange skid mark in the White House was a source of enriched, comedic uranium fueling Saturday Night Live’s cold opening and sent their ratings soaring.  Naturally, you had to wonder what they would do without their Muse-olini.

“1975 called and said you can keep the motel curtains and the hooker wearing them.”

(video still via NBC)

After a long holiday hiatus SNL returned with one of their sharpest and funniest shows throughout the long winter of discontent, now made glorious summer by this sun of Biden.  (Well, his first day at least)

(video still)

Last year was so bad, (How bad was it???)  2020 was so fuckin bad, that after just one month, we haven’t even realized 2021 said, “hold my beer.”

(video still via CNN)

Apparently, our runaway streetcar to Hell named Reality has not gone unnoticed by the SNL troupe.  Last night’s cold opening, “What Still Works?” was an on-point talk show hosted by Kate McKinnon, as herself. The hilarious sketch checked every box on the current events bingo card; then tore it into pieces, tossed them in the air, and let them fall over a traumatized nation.



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