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Simon Dunn, Limited Edition 2021 Calendars Now on Sale

Thinking about new calendars for the upcoming year when there’s still four months left in the current year would usually seem a bit premature.  But let’s be honest; 2020 has been a colossal shit show which we’ve been ready to drop kick in its sorry ass through the uprights of history for quite some time now.


Not that flipping over the calendar to a new year at the stroke of midnight (probably shouldn’t say “stroke” #2020) is going to magically make everything right in the world, but if it’s Simon Dunn’s limited edition 2021 Calendar, at least he will give you something to look forward to every month.

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Aussie, Simon Dunn’s first ever calendar features 13 new, full resolution, full color photo prints, with two limited options available, including a standard calendar and a limited signed & numbered edition.

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Some of us don’t agree with the date of Australia Day, yet what we all can agree on is how proud we all feel being able to call ourselves Australians. I’m truly blessed to have had the opportunity to represent my country and fly the Australian flag abroad. Every time I fly into Sydney I’m close to tears of joy about how spectacular my city is. My sport has kept me away from the country I love so much. Although, one thing I’m certain of is eventually, I’ll call it home again. Should my own government finally allow same-sex couples to marry, I dream of having a family and living the cliché “Australian dream.” Let’s make it the year of marriage equality and a change of date for this day of celebration. It’s time for an inclusive and understanding Australia.

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In case you’re not familiar with the stud from down under, here’s his bio from his fitness website.

“Simon Dunn, former member of the Australian bobsleigh team and first openly gay man to represent any country in the sport. Now living and playing rugby in Sydney, where he’s now set up his own Personal Training business. Utilising his experience as an athlete whilst training and competing in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia…

He’s become a voice for causes including fighting homophobia in sport with appearances on Sky News and London live, and also using his profile to team up with several HIV/AIDS & LGBTQI Youth charities.”


Simon also offers personal training sessions via his website

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What I’ve learnt this year is that it’s not about the likes, the photos or the comments, but the dangers of social media and comparing ourselves to others. The post that has ironically taken centre stage of my top nine 2019 is the one that truely represents my year. A post where I was upfront about my own issues, my struggles financially, my mental health and showing you all the real me. Going over my posts from 2019, with only 92 posts, I realised that half of these were either old photos or from photo shoots, plus I can assure you the others were painstaking chosen from hundreds of exactly the same image taken over, over and over again. As someone who prides themselves on being upfront and honest, I only found the courage to do this 44 times this year, or 12% of the entire year. Why? Because I didn’t want to change the imagine I’d created, i wanted to be that proud gay athlete, I wanted to look “strong”. In 2020 I will endeavour to be more honest with myself, and to not allow social media to have such a strong control on who I am as a person. What are your New Years resolutions?

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He definitely knows how to wash off 2020


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