“Ready for their Close-up” New App lets you Dive-in and See your Sperm on your Smartphone!

Ever wondered if you’re shooting blanks? Afraid to jerk one out at the doctor’s off? Well, fear no more! Introducing, YO sperm test!

YO lets you jizz at home and see your sperm swimming around right on your smartphone!

Just jerk, aim into the cup, mix and apply to the slide, and in just a few minutes have the results and you’ll see “yo” sperm LIVE on “yo” phone! You might want to bear this in mind for the next time you’re browsing the internet on somewhere like so that you can check on your swimmers on your phone as soon as you’ve finished your business.

But wait, there’s more! Included is cock snot trivia to play, while you wait!

No, we’re not making this shit up! YO sperm test is legit and will be out later this month retailing around $50. It’s FDA approved with a 97% accuracy. (How’d you like to have been part of those clinical trials? Paid to jerk-off watching porn websites like on your phone which you already do for nothing.)

Photos and more info via YO sperm test website

The only thing more hilarious is their promo video!

Makes you never want to borrow your buddy’s cellphone again doesn’t it?

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