Randy Rainbow turns Disney’s “Belle” into “Barr!” parody: VIDEO

Somewhere in Heaven, Howard Ashman is watching the latest Randy Rainbow parody, “Barr!” and ROCL (Rolling On a Cloud Laughing). 

Ashman, who was posthumously nominated for an Academy Award for his song “Belle” (winning for the title song “Beauty and the Beast”) and Tony nominated for the stage production’s score, would certainly be proud of a fellow gay lyricist borrowing his work.  Stephen Sondheim certainly was.

The “Mary” troubadour of song parodies, Randy du Rainbow visits the Magic Kingdom “pilfering” the opening number from one of its most valuabled treasures (reportedly being readied for a Broadway revival).  In the original, Belle is chastised for reading books, but in this redux AG William Barr is lampooned for apparently not having read one, specifically The Mueller Report.

Not sure why anyone is surprised by that revelation.  For two years, we’ve known the only books the Trump Administration has the ability to read and comprehend are coloring books.


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