One Man’s Journey of Learning to Love Openly:: VIDEO

We refer to the LGBT Community, but arguably the most overlooked part of our Community is the “B,” the bisexual.  Let’s be honest, they get a lot of misunderstanding and shade from all sides.  The straight world thinks any homosexuality makes someone a total homosexual; and the gay world thinks “bi now, gay later.”

(Photo Credit: Lewis Oakley Picture by Tom Dingley)

We forget that “coming out” bisexual isn’t easy either and in some ways, living “openly bisexual” might be even more difficult than living openly gay.  Case in point, the emotional story of a bisexual man who learned life is too short not to love openly.  From,

“40-year-old Greg Ward was well aware of his sexuality from the young age of five, and it is a factor that has never changed throughout his life.  Friends began mocking him over his sexual partners, and eventually forced Ward to go back into the closet despite finally finding comfort in being able to have male and female partners.

…Ward became an advocate for bisexual people and decided to launch a bisexual support group in his state called Fluid Arizona.”

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Watch Greg’s emotional story of self-acceptance below


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