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New Music: Tom Goss & Deven Green, “Three Little Birds, Don’t Worry Be Happy” LISTEN

If there was ever a time we were in desperate need of a laid back summer groove, then Tom Goss and Deven Green could not have picked a better day to drop their cover of Bob Marley’s reggae classic, “Three Little Birds Don’t Worry Be Happy.”

Their ultra-chill acoustic vibe will have you singin and swayin’ your “Trumpbles” away in no time.  If that doesn’t work, remember, Vermont just became the ninth state to legalize recreational pot use. 



The fabulously talented and out recording artist, Tom Goss has been making the collaborative rounds of late.   Only a week ago he posted this live performance with the Shirtless Violinist, in case you’re looking for a sexy doobie duet.

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