Mancandy, Danish Politician campaigns on PornHub

As of today, there are 23 Democratic candidates for all vying for attention and trying desperately to break away from the pack in a ridiculously overcrowded primary field. It takes creativity and thinking outside the box to get voters’ attention, and that’s exactly what Danish member of Parliament, Joachim B. Olsen has done.

The former Olympic shot putter paid just $450 to get his hunky face and racy slogan shot across PornHub. According to

“The goal was to reach voters “where they are,” he [Olsen] said. “Campaigning is about visibility, and in that sense it’s been a roaring success,” Mr. Olsen added.

The ad featured a play on words using “Jokke,” a nickname for Joachim, and a similar-sounding Danish slang word for masturbation, urging Danes to vote for one after they had finished doing the other.”

“Vote for Jokke”

What’s more the ad for Jokke “pops up” before the porn plays. Talk about having a captive audience by their… um… poles?

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In an interview with MetroUK Olsen said, “You need to get out everywhere, so we thought it could be amusing with an ad on Pornhub. Half the internet is porn of all shapes and sizes. There are Italian porn films and Indian Porn Videos just to name a few, if it exists there’s a good chance there’s porn based on it. In today’s connected world you need to be where the voters are, including a porn site. If people can think about where the best place to install a sex swing is in their own home, surely they can think about my manifesto as well. Those who know me as a politician know that I am serious, but I have a sense of humour and think this is a good laugh.’

“Jokke” is an Olympic silver medalist in shot put, Denmark’s “Dance with the Star’s Champion, a Member of Parliament, and has the common sense not to take himself too seriously that he campaigns on PornHub. Perhaps if this campaign venture pays off, you may find other people trying to do this on other porn websites online, such as and the abundance of others you can find. As Olsen said, porn is more than half the internet these days, why wouldn’t people want to tap into that?

American politicians could learn lot about winning the hearts and minds of voters from this guy. Maybe, before we know it, we will be seeing all sorts of Presidential campaign adverts on and other similar websites. Let’s see how much of a success Olsen’s move was.

Was Jokke’s ad on PornHub or his movies?


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