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How to flirt with sexy stud Nyle DiMarco @nyledimarco

Due to the internet and a multitude of cell phone apps like grindr and scruff, the fine art of flirting and cruising are sadly dying out, although with the introduction of products like True Pheromones, you can still have a chance, with luring in your lover with natural scents and hormones. An enticing glance from across a room, a devilish grin, and seductive conversation, once stock and trade of gay men everywhere, has sadly deteriorated into swiping, “sup” and hieroglyphic emojis.    It was the electric chemistry of seeing someone walk in; the interpersonal skills needed to approach them; and most of all, the thrill of the chase that made going out exciting.  Flirting and cruising were, correction are hot!

But flirts rejoice!  One of the sexiest men on Earth, Nyle DiMarco is bringing flirty back, and he’s doing it in American Sign Language.

Nyle DiMarco won America’s Next Top Model; was crowned Champion of the Ballroom on season 22 of Dancing with the Stars; is a high profile advocate for the Deaf community; and by all accounts an incredibly sweet guy.  Now, he is helping the flirting impaired in the gay community with a YouTube video that not only bridges the Deaf and hearing worlds, but also encourages social activism with

In this video Nyle, who admits to being “sexually fluid,” gives Tyler Oakley his first “how to flirt” lesson in ASL.


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A few more smokin’ hot pics of Nyle by photographer Taylor Miller

Damn! His eyes are blue!

Mmm… treasure trail!

What’s that, Nyle?

Top, bottom, sideways, whatever makes you happy!

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