Help ‘Save Our Allies’ and Honor Our Afgan Veterans

President Biden’s decision to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan before the 20th anniversary of 9/11 ending the “forever war” was immensely hard.  None of his predecessors had the courage to do it for the reasons we have been witnessing over the last couple months, and especially the last couple of weeks.  Ending any war is messy and this one has been, and is, a heartbreaking, painful nightmare for all to witness, none more so than America’s Veterans of Afghanistan.

For our Veterans of this war, some who spent a decade of their life sacrificing body and soul, friends and family fighting in it, to see the Taliban in control leaves them questioning what it was all for; but even worse, terrified for the Afgan translators and drivers, they knew personally, still there and most assuredly marked for death if not evacuated.



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We see the desperate plight of these Afganis in news reports trying to get out, but we can’t imagine what our Afgan Vets are going through when they see it.  For them, there were promises made person to person, America’s word of honor to get them out after they helped us.  To our men and women in uniform bearing our nation’s flag, honoring America’s commitments is something they take as seriously as they do their oath of enlistment.

There are many emotions about America’s withdraw and how it’s being cared out, but if we are honest and look deep within ourselves, we’d find that the common thing we’re feeling is helpless not knowing what to do.  This Instagrammer sums it up pretty well.


Three leading NGO veteran’s organizations the Independence FundNo One Left Behind , and Mighty Oaks Foundation  have now joined forces into one, Save Our Allies . Their mission,

“The Save Our Allies Coalition is dedicated to saving our Afghan and Iraqi Allies who served side-by-side with U.S. Armed Forces and working to ensure our Veterans are getting the care needed after bravely serving our nation.”


It shouldn’t be our veterans who are doing the heavy lifting yet again to fulfill America’s promises. Its citizens should stand up and stand behind her word of honor and make good on them.  Now is the time for us to help save and rebuild the lives of Afgan refugees who saved the lives of our military members; and in doing so, honor their service and sacrifice fighting for our safety and freedom for the last twenty years.

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