Gymnast Matthew Greenfield in Words and Motion

Most everyone at one time or another has felt different; that they didn’t fit in or belong.  For gymnast Matthew Greenfield, he’s felt that way the better part of his 29 years. 

In elementary school his “language and learning disability made it extremely hard to bond and communicate with others.”  By his senior year of high school he came out to family as “sexually confused,” but with their love and support allowed him to “explore that part of his life.” 

Through all of this, Matthew’s refuge was taking gymnastics classes.  Yet even there he was out of place, standing 6’2″ when most were almost a foot shorter.  Eventually his skill and ability lead him to Penn State University’s and a place on their Men’s Gymnastics team.  Still he was 18yo, sexually confused, Jewish, unusually tall for a gymnast, and coached by a devout Christian.  In Matthew’s own words on

“So, like any millennial trying to keep a secret, I turned to the Internet for help. I tried to scope out other gay athletes at Penn State by checking their “interested in” status on Facebook. I had no luck. I even signed up for the seven-day trial for J Date just to find out there were only nine gay Jewish men ages 18-25 in a 20-mile radius, none of whom had a remotely similar background as myself. Even though I still had gymnastics, I was lonely and at a loss.”

Read Matthew’s full open and honest essay via here

Matthew Greenfield’s “Love is Love Advocacy Video”


He can be reached: Instagram: matthew.greenfield87; Twitter: mdgloveislove17; Email:

(Main Photo by Stuart Moulton)

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