Giving Chris Christie His Due


By Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

This is a post I never imagined writing.

But, the Republican party having devolved into the autocratic cult of Trump, and politics making strange bedfellows, anything is possible.  That includes a dyed in the wool New York City Democrat who had a “riverside seat” to eight years of Chris Christie’s bombastic, belligerent, behavior as Governor of New Jersey, speaking up for him.

To be clear, it’s not in support of his 2024 Presidential bid for the White House.  Though in full disclosure, I donated to it, but more about that later.  This about giving Chris Christie his due for speaking boldly, loudly, and unrelentingly about the facts of criminally indicted, Donald Trump.  It’s far more than almost all the other candidates running for the GOP nomination, and more than every elected Republican in Congress, who if speaking out at all, are speaking lies.

Congressional Republicans are all literally, profiles in cowardice.

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Common wisdom, and sense for that matter, says “you don’t run for President unless you’re running to win.”  Chris Christie says he’s in it to win it; but he’s polling around 1% on a good day, yet he keeps blasting the truth about Trump.  He’s on a mission, political suicidal though it may be, to get through to any Republican voter within earshot.

Like him or not, Christie deserves credit for that.  In fact, that’s why I made a donation to help him meet the 40K donors needed to get on the GOP debate stage this month.  Whether Indictment Donny shows up or not, Chris Christie will drag him for filth that night and it’ll get replayed over and over for the next news cycle.  That’s worth my $1 donation; besides which in the require “occupation” field, I put “gay porn star.”  (I hope some data manager somewhere gotta kick outta that! LOL)

You can say what you will about Chris Christie’s politics and policies.  You can feel what you want about his enabling and or complicity in getting Trump elected, his administration, and re-election campaign.  You can absolutely question his motives as to why he’s coming for Trump now.  But the fact remains – he is coming for him in no uncertain terms, when no one else, like no one else, in the GOP is.

We’ve been waiting years for Republicans to “snap out of it.” One finally has and Chris Christie’s truth telling deserves to be amplified.  CBS Sunday Morning did this in-depth interview with Christie, and it seems a good loud and clear message to spread everywhere we can.


(main image: screen capture)

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