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Buddy Coles’ Care and Training of your Male Slave: VIDEO

For some of you, Christmas morning may have brought the joy of finding a new male slave waiting under the tree.

(video still)

But now that initial excitement and playful fun has begun to fade; and the reality of daily hard work and long term commitment of a male slave has begun to set in.

(video still)


Whatever will you do?

Fear not, theOUTfront found a fabulous “how to video” to help.  Kids in the Hall’s very own Buddy Cole aka Scott Thompson shows you the “ins and outs” owning your male slave.

The “Make America Great Again” movement should be ever so pleased with the wholesome 1950s pastiche of the video.


Scott Thompson has always been openly gay and took a lot of heat for Charles Budderick “Buddy” Cole being a derogatory stereotype.  Apparently some queens don’t understand the concept of satire; or art reflecting their life hits too close to home.

As this video shows, Thompson knew exactly what he was doing!


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