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Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade organizers reverse course, allow gay veterans’ group to march

When the Boston Mayor, the Governor of Massachusetts, and half the parade sponsors decide not to attend, I guess you need to rethink your homophobic stance. The Associated Press reports, 

“Organizers of Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade appear to have had a change of heart about barring a group of gay veterans from marching.

Parade organizers tweeted Friday an “acceptance letter” was signed by the Allied War Veterans Council that will allow OutVets to march in the March 19 parade.

The council and OutVets haven’t responded to messages seeking comment.

This week’s decision to bar OutVets from marching drew immediate condemnation from high-profile politicians and stirred up a furor on social media.

The leader of the group of gay veterans was originally barred from marching in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade says it’s infuriating that the decision was based on the rainbow flag.

OutVets’ executive director, Bryan Bishop, told The Associated Press on Friday that the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council said the group could participate in the March 19 parade if they did not display the rainbow — a symbol of gay pride and solidarity.

OutVets has the rainbow on its banner and jackets.”

Although this may seem like a huge win, please note that no other LGBT groups have been allowed to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade at this time. (And most likely won’t be allowed if they ask.)

Check out this powerful coverage below of the OutVets when they were first allowed to march in 2015:

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