America’s Democracy on the Verge of Victory or the Brink of Destruction? VIDEO RECAP

By Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris now stand on the verge of winning the Presidential Election having gained the lead in four of the battleground states left to be counted having flipped the deep red states of Arizona and Georgia blue.  It will give the ticket a nearly 4M vote lead in the popular vote and an undisputable win of 306 Electoral College votes to 232, the mirror image of 2016.

But last night’s 18 minute White House press stunt (before most credible networks and news agencies cutoff coverage within the first minutes) of Trump’s diatribe of lies, conspiracies, grievances, and flat out making shit up like “suppression polls,” showed this election won’t be over when all the votes are counted, not by a damn sight.  Still what happened last night wasn’t just the raving of a failing candidate refusing to accept reality, it was by the President of the United States speaking  from The White House taking a wrecking balling to the cornerstone of our Democracy by doing what he does best lying about the integrity of America’s election.

And Stephen Colbert lost his damn mind ripping into him and every Republican who has supported his complete lies and those who remain silent.



For a year I’ve been saying, “Trump can’t not win.” I don’t like saying that, but criminally, financially, and narcissistically, it’s his reality. For month’s numerous people and places have been warning us if this dickless, wannabe Dictator Donald lost the election be prepared for a Constitutional nightmare.  But how concerned should we be?  On a “Decent into Madness” meter how much deep shit are we in?

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’s “Michael Kosta talks to Ohio State University’s Edward Foley, an expert in U.S. electoral chaos, and Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro discusses his legal battle against Team Trump.”



We don’t like being the harbinger of doom n gloom but there is absolutely no reason to believe the corrupt Rancid Kumquat will come to his senses.  It’s also hard to imagine anyone in the GOP will (or even try to) get through to him that “It’s over,” the way Republicans did with Nixon.

Therefore, attention must be paid, and we must be prepared for whatever may come.  Here are a couple of our past posts about what we might expect.

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