Witness ‘20 Days in Mariupol’

When the House returns from its vacation this week, it will be faced with passing the Supplemental Aid bill passed overwhelmingly in the Senate with bi-partisan support.  The aid package comes at a critical time for Ukraine as it enters the third year of fighting against Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion of the country.  However, Speaker Mike Johnson won’t bring it to a vote because the former President has told him not to.

While much has been made of the unconscionable act of abandoning Ukraine and the threat to global democracies if Russia should win and gain control of Ukraine, what everyone seems to forget, including the American public whose Ukrainian support has been waning, is this is war – war on innocent people.

When Putin invaded Ukraine in 2022, Americans were flood with images of atrocities and war crimes committed by the Russian military.  Those horrific images and stories have faded in the minds of most and apparently have been erased in the minds of Republican House representatives.

The Oscar nominated documentary, 20 Days in Mariupol takes us back to the opening days of the war and the horrors which were just beginning to unfold.  CBS Sunday Morning recently aired this interview with the filmmaker.


The fact remains, Russia has never stopped their inhumane savagery on Ukrainian citizens.  To withhold aid to Ukraine would not only be a dereliction of duty by the U.S. as a world leader, but to be an accessory to Putin’s barbarism and crimes against humanity.  Perhaps House Minority Leader Hakim Jefferies can arrange a screen of 20 Days in Mariupol for Speaker Mike Johnson and his GOP colleges to remind them what is happening in Ukraine to ordinary people, who are much like their own family and friends.


Slava Ukraini


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