When a Sign from God makes You wonder WTF?

Have you heard the Good News?

Today Christians across America are flocking to church  rejoicing in their faith; reveling in their Freedom of Religion, and Praising the Lord because they won’t have to be there again until December 25th.

Yesss, my friendsss… you know who I’m talkin’ about — the “C & E Church Folk.”  The holier than thou who does not keep the sabbath holy!  The Christiansss who want to be self-righteous, bask in the superiority of the Lord so they can look down upon homo-sexuals, caravans of immigrants, and strappin’ young pool boys without coming to church every week and doin’ the work of hypocrisy!


But as one who believes crossing the threshold of church again would surely cause him to spontaneously combust resulting in complete disintegration, I do have to wonder WTF is going on at church when I read their signs outside enticing people come in.

Is this a warning?

Cuz of this?


On the bright side…

Like I haven’t heard that before?


The Devil has a drag name.  #WhoKnew


Today’s church does offering real life lessons


I can vouche for this one

Pandemic Realness


But some churches are just too fucked up for words.


To all these we say…


But in all fairness, occasionally they do get it right.


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