Watch SNL Crucify DJT for Easter

Last week, the former President began hawking, “God Bless the U.S.A.” Bibles his to MAGA rubes for a mere $60.  As if the sheer hypocrisy of the presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee, who has five children from three different wives, all of whom he has cheated on, wasn’t enough, he did it at the beginning of the most sacred time on the Christian calendar, Holy Week.

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But DJT is nothing if not a master at manipulating people’s emotions in order to get them to part with their money.  …and his MAGA cult are easy pickings.

In spite of all the examples of their leader being the farthest thing from being a pious man, good Christian, religious in any way, and/or even “Bible curious,” his cult members and the majority of Republicans see him as their savior.


He’s even compared himself to Christ on many occasions, and they certainly see him as persecuted and taking on all the trials and tribulations of the country so they won’t have to.  The messianic image MAGA has of him is more than obvious when they refer to Trump as “Republican Jesus.”


Last night, Saturday Night Live had enough of all his hypocrisy and delusions of grandeur lampooning the bloated blow hard in a hilarious cold opening of the show.  SNL didn’t just take Trump down a few pegs they staked him through the chest!


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