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UPDATE: Violent Terrorists Arrested at Residence of Gay NYC Councilman Erik Bottcher

UPDATED December 29, 2022: 

The Daily Beast is reporting the arrest by NYPD of David Nieves, who allegedly assaulted a neighbor of NYC Councilman Erik Bottcher, while the anti-gay conspiracy group Nieves was with vandalized and broke into Bottcher’s apartment building.  This is the third arrest resulting from the terrorist groups activities on December 19, 2022.

“Cops Nab Man Accused of Assaulting Gay NYC Councilman Erik Bottcher’s Neighbor”


Last night, 44-year-old Erica Sanchez and 27-year-old Anna Morgan broke into openly gay New York City Council Representative Erik Bottcher’s apartment building in Chelsea and were arrested by police.  The pair are part of a deranged conspiracy theory group called “Gays Against Groomers” who targeted Boettcher’s residence with vile anti-gay graffiti, as reported by local ABC News affiliate this morning.

Two days ago, Councilman Bottcher stood up to and spoke out against the group’s protest/harassment of a Saturday morning Drag Queen Story Hour at the public library in the gayborhood of Chelsea which is part of his district.


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In doing so, Bottcher apparently raised the ire of the homophobic hate group and they chose to not only bring their grotesque messages to his doorstep, but crossed it too.


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What the ABC News report failed to mention is that other members of group, physically attacked one of Bottcher’s neighbors.


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It’s time to stop being polite and/or “politically correct” about the kind of people who believe LGBTQ conspiracy theories, or any other group, and take abhorrent and violent actions.  They believe conspiracy theories which are utter nonsense; ergo they are detached from reality.  Why are they treated, tolerated like that is ok/normal/acceptable in a civilized society?

As the late Senator Patrick Moynihan said, “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.”

What’s more, everyone needs to stop calling what these, homophobic, conspiracy theorists did last night at Councilman Bottcher’s apartment building a protest.  It was terrorism. FULL STOP.  It was intended to scare and intimidate not only Erik Bottcher, but everyone else in the building, all residences on the street, and threaten LGBTQ people everywhere.

Their terrorism is not an idle threat; they attacked a man outside and two women broke into the building.

These people are deranged and dangerous. This is not free speech, it’s violent, targeted terrorism and must be stopped.  We must all come together, united against all hate: homophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, misogyny, xenophobia. Truth, love, understanding, and compassion brings people together.

Hate dies alone.


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