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VIDEO: Can Masturbation solve the Alt-right’s Hate?

Earlier this week an explicit audio recording surfaced of Richard Spencer, Alt-right leader and rabid Trump supporter, going on a racist and anti-Semitic tirade confirming everything we knew about him “alt-ready.”

Since 2016, White Supremacists like Spencer along with other hate groups like Neo-Nazis, the Proud Boys, and the KKK have been emboldened to coming out of the shadows most notably in Charlottesville.  Witnessing their virulent hate and violence like, the murder of Heather Heyer may prompt many good, God fearing Americans to look at them and say, “You need Jesus.”

The truth is they really just need to start jerking one out.  Along with all the other things the Alt-right is “anti”, they’re anti-spanking the monkey too.  Meaning, Stephen Miller not only couldn’t get laid in high school, but he wouldn’t even do himself (which explains so much).  But this isn’t a new “pea-nis” brained idea some angry, limp dicked, mad at the world, bigot just thought up.  It goes all the way back to the beginning.

(video still)

Comedy Central’s Michael Kosta of “The Daily Show” tries to get his hand around the root of it with clinical psychologist Dr. David Ley.

(main image: video still)

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