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WATCH: BTS Videos with Man of the Year, Nyle DiMarco and workout partner Pietro Boselli

Just when you thought Attitude magazine’s photo spread of Man of the Year, Nyle DiMarco and his snake couldn’t possibly get any better, they’ve released a behind the scenes video!


While in London attending the tony Attitude Awards ceremonies last month, Nyle DiMarco, hunky advocate for the Deaf and LGBT Communities, took time to hit the gym with a workout partner who could teach him a thing or two, math PhD turned-model, Pietro Boselli.

(Photo credit: Nyle DiMarco’s instagram)

According to DiMarco’s Instagram post, the two are working on a video collaboration together and reveals Boselli knows some sign language. “He’s pretty good with his hands,” he wrote.

(We’re not touching that with a ten foot python.)

(Photo credit: Pietro Boselli Instagram)

Pietro Boselli was Attitude’s “Most Stylish Man of the Year” in 2016. He told the magazine last year, his new role in fashion has prompted him “to become more involved in the gay community… For me, that’s been huge in terms of evolving as a person, who I am, understanding different viewpoints.”


DiMarco, who has called himself sexually fluid, recently opened up about what he’s looking for in a man in his interview with Attitude.

 “Probably men who are athletic, who like the gym, love food and travel. That’s it, I’m a simple guy… When I first read about sexual fluidity, it was the first time I felt a connection. I don;t know why it spoke to me, but it;s something that defined who I was.”

Read the full interview via Attitude HERE

(photo credit: Attitude)

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