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Trump’s Gestapo in Portland, is Your City Next?

They first appeared in Washington DC during the Black Lives Matter protests of early June.  Units of federal officers facing off in riot gear without any insignia or identifiable markings as to who they were, not even the US flag against American citizens protesting.  And when asked who they were, they refused to answer.

The New York Times quoted Sen. Timothy Murphy,

“The United States would normally condemn this tactic if used by dictators of other countries, and its use here directly threatens our democracy,” Mr. Murphy said. “Americans have a right to know who is patrolling their streets, and to have recourse if their massive power is misused.”

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“Unidentified Federal Police Prompt Fears Amid Protests in Washington” 

(image via NY Times The deployment of federal law enforcement in Washington is supposed to get even larger this weekend.Credit…Olivier Douliery/Agence France-Presse )

Since June, Trump has repeatedly told Governors to “dominate the streets” to restore “LAW AND ORDER” telling them if they didn’t, he would.  Now these unmarked, federal, secret police are in Portland, unrequested and unannounced.  He has said from the Oval Office he has plans to send his secret police into Chicago over the objections of Mayor Lori Lightfoot.  He also threatened New York, Atlanta and many others across the country with similar unwelcome intrusion by federal forces.

“Trump threatens to deploy federal agents to Chicago and other U.S. cities led by Democrats” 

(video still)

Trump’s Gestapo has been caught on camera in Portland abducting protesters off the streets without identifying themselves, driving in unmarked/unregistered vehicles, and beating Chris David, 53yo unarmed, Navy Veteran for just standing.

ABC News Nightline has this report


In the second part of their report, Linsey Davis interviews Homeland Security Secretary, Ken Cuccinelli about what’s happening in Portland.  It’s shocking to hear him pointblank lie about observable facts in their report like them not wearing insignia, let alone their legitimacy.



From day one of Trump’s bid to become President, he has been following the Nazi Handbook to the letter:  scapegoating, nationalism, demagoguery, and propaganda.  The fact that Donald Trump and his personal, Attorney General Bill Barr are using the powers of the Department of Justice to mobilize a Gestapo against American citizens without due process or the consent of Democratic Governors and Mayors should surprise no one.  His administration can claim it’s all legal an within the right and powers of the President but as Martin Luther King Jr. said,

“We should never forget that everything Adolph Hitler did in Germany was ‘legal’…” 


(image via Mother Jones Instagram)


(Main photo credit: Business Insider)

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