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Trump to Kick off 2020 Reelection Campaign Saturday

Trump Kicks off 2020 Reelection Campaign Saturday

No, you did not have a stroke. Yes you did read that headline correctly.  President Orangeade is starting his reelection bid, in Melbourne, Florida with a yuuuge rally just 29 days into abysmal first term in in office.  In fact, he filed his reelection papers ON the day of his inauguration.

According to The Atlantic

“Making the event a campaign event rather than a speech might afford Trump greater flexibility in who he allows to attend and who he excludes. It means that the Trump campaign will likely pick up some of the travel tab, rather than taxpayers. But it might also grant Trump more leeway to make straightforwardly political arguments and attacks that it might be unseemly for a president to make at an official event—though Trump has shown such little regard for those unwritten rules that it’s hard to imagine he could be significantly more strident.”

Full story here via The Atlantic

Never mind, President Trumpster Fire doesn’t even have a full cabinet yet; his nominee for Labor Secretary withdrew because he hired an undocumented housekeeper; his National Security Advisor was fired because of a scandal with Russia, his communication’s office is an evil clown show; and his first campaign appears to have been fisted by Vladimir Putin.

But let’s “Keep America Great” in 2020, or at least what’s left standing by then.  God help us all…

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