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Tributes begin for Gay Rights pioneer and Rainbow Flag creator, Gilbert Baker

The LGBT Community is still in shock and mourning by the sudden and unexpected passing of Gilbert Baker, creator of the global iconic symbol of the Community and its struggle for equality and civil rights, the Rainbow Flag.

Today, tributes and expressions of love, respect, and gratitude began pouring out for the man whose creation in 1978 and gift to his people has become its eternal symbol of hope, pride and joy.  From and article in,

“San Francisco‘s Castro District was awash in rainbows — even more so than usual — as members of the LGBTQ community gathered to remember Gilbert Baker, an activist known for design the iconic rainbow flag, who died this week.

When We Rise author Cleve Jones, who enjoyed a 40-year friendship with Baker, led the crowd in chants of “Long live Gilbert Baker, We love Gilbert Baker” as mourners marched through the streets with a rainbow flag banner reading “Rise and resist.”

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