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Trae Crowder brings his Liberal Redneck Horse Sense to the Covid Crisis: VIDEOS

As the delta variant rages in the south like General Sherman and the Union army marching through Georgia, the rest of America watches in horror.  We are heartbroken for the hospital systems on the brink of collapse and for the health care professions working tirelessly and children suffering needlessly.  It didn’t have to be this way.  We have plenty of vaccines available and they work.

The criminal negligence of Republican Governors like DeSantis, Abbott, and Reeves with their incomprehensible anti-mask and anti-vaccine mandates demonstrates their complete disregard for human life.  Coupled with the right-wing media and an online onslaught of misinformation, the covid crisis in the unvaccinated conservative South has become apocalyptic.

The latest and most mind blowingly, bat shit crazy idea to come down the covid pipeline of stupid since injecting bleach and shoving a light up your ass is preventing and treating the virus with the livestock dewormer, Ivermectin.  It has gotten so out of control that there is a shortage of it at feed stores so much so it prompted one owner to require a selfie with you and your horse as reported in The Randy Report.

“Feed Store: Selfie With Your Horse Required To Purchase Dewormer” 

Even more unbelievable is the judge in Ohio who order a doctor to give his patient the useless and toxic treatment at the demand of the patient’s wife.

“Judge Orders Hospital To Treat Patient With Dewormer” 


Apparently, the Doctor’s Hippocratic Oath of “First do no harm” is now null and void in the State of Ohio; as is listening to your doctor and hospital; the FDA’s statement,

…and any and all common sense.

But if there is any hope to getting through to redneck good ol’ boys, it helps to be one and talk like’em especially when it comes to common sense or as they call it horse sense.  There’s nobody better suited for talkin’ southern than Trae Crowde …aside from the fact he’s a fuckin liberal and has had it with all y’all horsepaste swallowerin’, schoolboard terrorizin’, dumb fuck Republican Govners!

Trae is just gittin’ started y’all and he’s funny as shit!


And he’s pretty much had it with his home state of Tennessee.


He’s not much for any Republican Governor who’s trying to rack up their state’s body count.


And don’t get him started on the Q queen herself!


Think Trae’s funny solo?  It gets even better when he has a partner in comedy in his weekly vlog “Weekly Skews”


Follow Trae on Twitter @TraeCrowder and on Instagram @officialtraecrowder 


And catch him Out The House on tour!


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