“The Secret Life of Muslims”: An education, will blow your Mind – VIDEO

It’s not very often that we see something so moving, so powerful that it blows our mind and leaves us nearly speechless.  It’s even more striking given our current vitriol and violent reality when it happens in a positive way.  This is one of those times.

Featured on CBS Sunday Morning was producer, Josh Seftel’s latest episode of his internet series, “The Secret Life of Muslims,” an education.  This time the story revolves around Richard McKinney, a former U.S. Marine who plotted to blow up an Islamic Center in Muncie, Indiana (as in Red State, conservative, Evangelical, where VP Mike Pence once legalized anti-gay discrimination).


This post and video may seem “off topic” for a gay blog, but in as much as Love is Love so too Hate is Hate.  Hate killed 50 Muslims in New Zealand during the most peaceful act of praying, the same way it killed 49 members of our Community in Orlando dancing the night away. 

The rhetoric of hate, intolerance and violence towards anyone only breeds more of the same towards everyone.  Words of kindness, compassion, and love towards one, grow into acts of generosity, hope, and unity for generations.

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