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The Gay Holocaust, repeating itself

The Pink Triangle is a universally recognized symbol of the LGBT Community’s solidarity and strength.  It’s an icon that predates the beloved rainbow Pride Flag.  But many people don’t realize that the “pink triangle” was a symbol worn by gay men during the NAZI Holocaust, just as a yellow Star of David, identified Jews in concentration camps.

People have forgotten that homosexuals, especially gay men, were imprisoned and exterminated by NAZIs on “moral” principles.   In the same way that they are being arrested today in Chechnya; and could potential be in America; given the political climate in Washington and the extreme influence of anti-gay hate groups on a weak narcissistic President.

Charles D. Dunst is a Contributor at The Huffington Post. His work has also been repeatedly featured in The Hill, The Forward, and Paste Magazine, among other publications. He can be found on Twitter @CDDUNST.

Charles D. Dunst, a contributor to the has written a stunning and eye opening article, “The Forgotten Gay Holocaust.”  Here is an excerpt from it.

“In their posing as messengers of Christian morality, the Nazis intended to stamp out the “vice” of homosexuality. According to the Nazis, male homosexuals were weak, effeminate and could therefore not represent their pure German state. Male homosexuals also posed a specific risk, as they could not increase the German birthrate. The Nazis believed that inferior races produced more children than “Aryans,” meaning that any community that failed to increase the German birthrate posed a racial danger…

To the Nazis, male homosexuals were the physical embodiment and cause of German degeneration. They believed male homosexuals to be a unique threat to Germany –and they persecuted them as such…
Male homosexuals were constantly beaten, had their testicles boiled off by water, sodomized by broken broomsticks, and were often utilized by the S.S. as target practice; with these soldiers aiming their shots at the pink triangles gay men were forced to wear. The Nazis also repeatedly utilized gay men for cruel human experimentation…

As a gay Jewish man, I quite literally would have been at the bottom of the Nazi totem pole.

Concentration camp-style prisons for gay men have recently emerged in the Russian region of Chechnya. These camps are the most recent in a wave of anti-gay violence from Muslim nations across the region. The press secretary for Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic, asserted that the report is a lie, claiming that are in no gays in Chechnya – and that if there were, they would be dealt with by their families…

The Trump administration’s decision to remove LGBT people from the 2020 census allows for the existence of such a world. By denying our domestic existence, the Trump administration gives the world a green light to both demonize and persecute us without fear.”

Please read his full article via Here

Don’t think, “it can’t happen in America.” 

  • That’s what tens of thousands of homosexuals thought in NAZI Germany
  • That what we thought about Trump being elected President
  • That’s what we thought about North Carolina’s HB2, prohibiting any local anti-LGBT discrimination laws; now Texas is poised to pass a similar law

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