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SNL sleighs it with White House Christmas Tree Trimming opening

Saturday Night Live shot to the top of Santa’s “”naughty” list with their White House Christmas Tree Trimming Party opening, cuz they weren’t nice to nobody.

And it was laugh out loud brilliant!

To trim the Christmas tree all the “ghosts” didn’t come back to haunt the Trumps.  The Trumps hauled out all their ghosts of the last year and hanged them on the tree.

(via video still)

There were a few uninvited guests who tried to crash the party, sit on the shelf, and one son-in-law conspicuously absent from the Christmas cheer.  (and not for the reason you’d expect!)

Pour a cup of eggnog a watch (again and again…)

UPDATE The original video became “unavailable” but the Washington Post made this journalistic version


(Main photo: video still)

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